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ps : if anyone can shed any light on what this might actually mean, email me rualg74@gmail.com I suppose that I am mildy interested in what the dream meant, the more I dwell on it.
 Quoting: Rual G. 124430

What is a witness?

There are all kinds of opinions here on this forum and all show what is within the heart of people who post. Some good some bad, religious, atheist, spiritual, fearful, bold, etc.

What would a witness of YHVH be doing?

Is the business of YHVH to proclaim his provision Yahushua for escaping the fiery judgment to come? Allowing his provision, the LIVING Word to dwell within this body of clay in the spirit being to bring love, and eternal life and forgiveness of sin? This provision Yahushua is a literal person, living and now at the right hand of the Father YHVH. The heart must be set to love him, love what he loves and hate what he hates.

Would YHVH proclaim his word by his witnesses in a 'church' or to all people? Where did Yahushua spend most of his time? He was accused of all kinds of sin for giving the words of Abba to people whom the 'religious' thought were too low to associate with.

The witnesses of YHVH will be hated by many and so misunderstood, especially by the religious whom are full of their own spiritual pride and take offense to being told anything as they know it all anyway. True Brothers and Sisters in the Agape love of Yahushua rejoice with each other when sharing testimonies and what they have learned. Those full of spiritual pride are offended and are competing for head knowledge of which they must be in the primary spotlight to make them feel powerful and in control.

The least likely to listen will be many religious whom enjoy entertainment and like to judge whether their entertainment made them feel good or not. Many pastors whom love the praise of people and do not point people to follow Yahushua only but want people to follow them while they take in lots of dollars and build a big social club.

These will be like a Gideon whom tore down the altars of Baal "THE LORD" and were sought after to be killed.

What also will these do? Will the true Yisrael awaken? Those whom will be resurrected from the dead and changed in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump? Will those now scattered into the nations wake up and realize whom their fathers are and whose children they are of? True Yisraelites are of all 12 tribes grafted into the olive tree by the blood of the messiah Yahushua. Also any who have come into this great kingdom whom were not scattered from Israel.

Who is Yahushua? A Hebrew. A Jew of the tribe of Judah. The only begotten son of YHVH. The Alpha Omega / Alph Tav. The LIVING Word of YHVH which means Our YHVH is Our Salvation. Yahushua a name with a meaning. Will the witnesses point Yisrael back to their hebraic roots and teach them to learn exactly whom their savior is?

Is it not time to un-dress him from the pagan clothes he has been given by the religious of the s.a.tan?

This savior is coming to rule and reign for 1000 years and no man or shadim will stop him. He is the Word Of YHVH in Bodily form and will fulfill all of it 100%. Each person decides where they will spend eternity. Once the heart stops and the body turns to dust, where will the spirit person inside be? Made whole by the Living Word by his Holy Set-Apart Spirit or left short without a hope to face the judgment of YHVH?

The judgment of YHVH is withheld for a short time for all people to decide. He is longsuffering not wanting anyone to perish. Nonetheless, once the time is up, he will bring about the things described in his word through his provision Yahushua the LIVING Word. All are called to a great family reunion of the ages. Will you be there?
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