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Well, if there were two witnesses traveling throughout the world preaching God's true message, would you pay them any heed? There are supposedly 16 "witnesses here" (arbitrary number). What would be the difference between the two or the sixteen? The message? The power in the message? The authority of the message? There are now people all over the world giving "the message". How would you tell?

This whole interpretation, to me, is perfectly designed (as is so many other supposed "guideposts") to allow some period of time to pass before people make up their minds. As a result, most will still be seeking "signs" when the end comes crashing down. Everything is put off into the future. Didn't Christ say that "now" is the time of salvation? Didn't He say that the Kingdom of God is within? Now and within. What is so difficult about that?

The fact of the matter is that the answer lies in antiquity for that is when the two witnesses gave their testimony. Everybody here seems to be taking this entire subject out of context of the scriptures or "privately interpreting" the scripture. Just as the "judgement day" has been "here" according to the scriptures and placed far into the future by those who mean well but, in reality, are following the dictates of the adversary, so is the concept of the two witnesses. In fact, the two witnesses are simply the Old and the New Testament. Study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation with this in mind, and it will be come very clear to you. I can outline it for you chapter and verse, but that would be tedious for most of you.

Now I do take into consideration the possibility of the duality of prophetic understanding. I would be a fool to think that I am fully aware as to what is in the mind of god. Some obviously think that they do. The scriptures are a "lamp unto our feet". They testify of Christ and of us. They are the witnesses to truth. They are the final arbiter. Research the "Reign of Terror". You will find a time where the two witnesses were slain (by burning all the Bibles, placing the "Goddess of Reason" upon the throne, throwing the apostate Pope into prison and killing thousands of people who claimed Christ as their Savior) for a period of three years which is three days of prophetic time. This happened at exactly the time prophesied by Daniel's great prophecy of the 2300 days (years) which foretold exactly when the Messiah would be born, take up His ministry, and be crucified. It also foretold, to the day, when the gospel would then go to the Gentiles. Don't take my word for it. Study it for yourself. Your salvation is in the balance.

Everything is now going on. NOW. It is not future. Some of you, I think, are really feeling this. I have seen a general feeling of immediacy in the feelings and thoughts of many people here. A corner has been turned. Some are calling it ascension. Some just plain doom. Some are seeing horrible things to come. Some are feeling and finding love for the first time. Don't put it off. Seek Him while you can. Time is shorter than you think. In the final analysis, it is not really about being "ready". It is about living life fully and abundantly. It is about going "from glory, to glory".
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