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Poster Handle Mark In NYC
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Could you have a dream about the "Two Witnesses" and be told to put it online here? Yeah, I think that's possible? Why? Because in spite of our varied points of view, and our penchant for doom - most of do realize that we are in the throws of the end of a cycle in time if not the end of the the world. There are great changes coming and we all seem to have some instinctual knowledge or precognitive awareness of that fact. Whether it's caused by financial devastation, geological changes, or the rapture and the second coming of Christ after the battle of Armageddon is fought - most of us seem to know that major changes are afoot - and on our metaphorical doorstep.

To call this group "spiritual" may be pushing it a bit in the classical sense of the word - but then again if you define spiritual as a person or persons who have more than an average awareness of things outside the normal five senses and outside the scientific explanations that man can offer - then we're by that definition - probably one of the most spiritual groups on earth!

Remember, none of us are here because we're forced to be. (Shills who are spreading disinfo at the behest of the various 'secretive' organizations and getting paid for doing so, notwithstanding) This group is a strictly self-selecting. Those of us who are here come here because we find like minded people with whom we can share our thoughts, knowledge, and experiences in an environment of fairly open and accepting and tolerant beings. Most, not all of them.

So could the "two witnesses" called for in Revelation be on this earth already and preparing for their duties? Yes, I think that's entirely possible. There are no scriptural impediments to this being the case - at least none that I can find/fathom.

Given the overall level of spiritual awareness on this site - does it make sense to announce this fact here? Yeah, probably more than doing so in your "standard" big rich Christian Evangelical church today with a 'Celeb" pastor - who would probably figure out some way to charge extra for this "exciting revelation DIRECT FROM GOD TO HIM" as he shared it with his flock and no one else. (Not until a major appearance fee was paid, anyway. Say something on the order of a $500k honorarium plus expenses of travel, bodyguards, support staff, make-up and hair staff, private jet, five star hotel suites including all room service charges for food/booze/and male/female hookers, etc.)

So could this A/C poster guy make sense? Yes, he could. Could his dream make sense as a potential vehicle for getting the info out that the two witnesses are on earth now and "in training" for their duties in the near future. Yep. That makes some sense, too.

One more thing... if you didn't know this site and had a dream telling you to post something that "off the wall" here - would you also consider using a proxy to block your real IP and ID info? I would. Especially if I didn't know who or what this site was or was about. Hell, I'm still occasionally tempted to do so anyway and I've been a subscriber for over a year now. <grin>

Now, having said all that - what the heck could this mean if in fact it's real and this guy really did have this dream? Just more of the "end is near" stuff? Yes, I suppose that's it.
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