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maiby this is it:

Im still awe struck. I read the links earlier today. The sketch of her, Semjase, is very accurate.

The dream was too real, almost reality. Though I clearly woke up sooo...it was a dream....I think. Was this a 'good' abduction? I realize there is a fine line we cross when people start to talk about that kind of stuff. But wow, ................wow. What else can I say?

I thought more about it and I'de like to share some more details with you guys who are interested.

The craft was small. It only had 2 seats as far as I could tell. There was no noise and no G-force from moving about. We talked but no lips were moving. And, there were no windows to see outside. Instead, when I focused to see beyond the craft I could see the land. When I focused my eyes inside I could see the insides. There were no controls that I could see. We just sat there and communicated though I could tell she was operating the craft.

And what she told me.....She was going to return often. I really hope to see her again. Im a grown man with a wife and kid and it brought a tear to my eyes. It was such a pleasant experience.

After reading through the links you posted Wasayo, I know why she felt sad for the empty passenger seat. It was her husband who she lost. It's all too coincidental for me to disbelieve.

btw, Im a blonde hair, hazel blue eyed, slender german descendent of Prussian royalty. Think there is a connection? I'm inclined to believe so.

Has anyone else experienced this? In any way and how? I want to hear about it.

All thoughts are welcome.

Thank you Semjase. God Bless
 Quoting: *~Cosmo~*08

I had a dream just last week the first of its kind for me.

There were many lights appering in the sky that began to dance around each other.

I was with a friend on the street watching this and screaming at some other friends further away to hurry up into view.

Just then there were many people around wearing everyday clothing yet they were not from here.. They were all smiling with a kind of knowing, almost giggling at the situation.

Next thing i am in one of these craft and could see through it to the picture below.

We darted around from place to place and just watched.

Our whole life here was a construct, a hologram of reality so we could learn.

The veil was being pulled and we were all returning in a most accomodating fashion.

Maybe I just manifested it.. not sure... Was very vivd.
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