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Poster Handle babydust2004
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I can't believe I bothered to come back here, most have confirmed my suspicions that you are mostly all nut-jobs. I just wanted to clear up a few wrong assumptions on you guys part.

First I don't know why you think I am some other person, I can assure you I've never posted here before today, and doubt I will be back. Seeing how nicely you treated me. [sarcasm] I use a proxy, I don't want any nut jobs harassing me, did it ever occur to you maybe someone else used the same proxy before? Its widely available.

Second my name is Rual not Raul, I think I know how to spell my own name.

Finally, I don't know who these two witnesses are, what this really means, if they post on this nut job forum, or just visit. And frankly, after reading through all this drivel I am not sure I want to know. I am simply delivering a message that I had in a dream. Take that for what it is worth. I had a powerful dream, that I was suddenly floating high above the earth, and that I was being spoken to. I could not see who was speaking, it was beyond my vision in the dream but sounded like it was right next to me, whispering into my ear. What I heard was along the lines of "They have arrived, the two who witness, and don't yet know who they are. They visit the site of Godlike." I wish I could remember the exact word for word, I was too mesmerized by the view at first. Then I suddenly felt slammed into my body and woke up panting in bed. So I googled "Godlike" and ended up here.

And thanks for letting me know what an AC is. And thank you to the few people who treated me nicely.

Rual G.

ps : if anyone can shed any light on what this might actually mean, email me rualg74@gmail.com I suppose that I am mildy interested in what the dream meant, the more I dwell on it.
 Quoting: Rual G. 124430

Although I am sure you mean well,I think the reason for some of the nastier replies is due to there being so many threads on GLP that are just plain BS which then makes some people call BS on almost everything.I for one can no more say your dream is real or is not real.Only you can know.But can you imagine the ridicule that people in history have had to deal with for just the same thing?We read of visions and dreams in the Bible and we believe them word for word without even knowing who these people truly were but if it's in the Bible it must be word for word true.I am in no way saying it is not,I am just pointing out the difference in how some dreams are believed but just plain ordinary people get ignored because the belief is that plain ordinary people could not possibly have any kind of real insight and thus it is BS.I for one do not believe that and think that everyone's dreams should be examined if they seem important.
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