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Message Subject In Arabic 'Al Qaeda' means 'seat toilet' ... yes sure an Arabic terrorist group would name themselves like that ...
Poster Handle Dr_Kynes
Post Content

So you go into a muslims house (presumably a soldier or a CIA interogator), you ask in Arab, "Do you support Al-Qaeda ?" or " Do you have any relatives or family members in Al-Qaeda ?"

And they say sure we support Al-Qaeda, we are tired of having to squat to take a shit....which the CIA interogator takes to mean (from mistranslation) that they support a terrorist group because they are tired of taking shit from anyone.

The CIA guys and soldiers takes them to Abu Graib and tortures them to confess things about who else supports al-qaeda.

The muslims are scared shitless and just think the americans are out to beat the hell out of them for wanting to use western style toilets.
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