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Message Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For anyone requesting that I post the missing paragraphs, what's the point? I've concluded that it was a hoax, and am just awaiting the "gotcha" call or e-mail from the source. It wasn't that interesting anyway. It was a few paragraphs about how he was in trouble at human school, his parents' divorce, and some stuff about how Marduk was great but went nuts, and how Enlil was a big meanie and in charge of Abra now. And that Enki was put under house arrest , then died. If I thought there was any chance it was truth I would post it. The person who sent it, one of the three "Crowleyites" I referred to, know that I consider the Enlil/Enki rivalry in ancient times to be the source of much of our history, and related to some modern happenings, like secret societies. That is why he, or they, baited it with that whole subject. Anyway, it's very clear to me now. Sorry again.
 Quoting: Intrepid

to bad it wasn't a true story s226
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