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Message Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If this is a hoax, I have to say it is the best written of them I have ever seen. If not, then the future, I fear, is not going to be pleasant.

So, if this is not a hoax, and there are beings that are displeased with the coming plan, is there a way to get in touch with them? For, if we are to survive at all, and be a free people, then we will need help.

If not, is there some way to gain resources and technology before this happens? I doubt we could win a fight with a technologically advanced and more intelligent race, much less several of them...

But we can try really hard!

And of course, Had, just in case you are a real being (and who knows, some day something here will turn out to be real, right? )be careful.

There is no need for you to die for this, as you cannot stop it on your own anymore than we could.

It is a good thing to try and help others, especially since I am one of those you are trying to help, but the first rule of aiding others is to survive. You are no good to anyone if you do not, and I feel, without any real knowledge of your people, that if you get int he way too much, someone might harm or remove you from the playing field.

If it is safe, please tell us what you can. If not, then be well and thank you.

And if this is only a hoax, well, very well done!
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