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Message Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
Poster Handle Dreamcatcher
Post Content
Interesting story....the OP should write a book and Parlay this into a movie. It would be very entertaining. It is NOT true however. Sorry OP. Anyone can see thru this. First, your writing style, and the supposed ALIENS writing style are too similar. Second, you gave yourself away with the 2 quotes below:

Then, proceeding in an order not entirely clear to me, there will occur a magnetic pole shift and a flood nearly as big as the biblical one, caused by the ice cap sliding into the ocean.
 Quoting: Intrepid 116352
A flood as big as the biblical one? There is a large body of evidence suggesting the "biblical flood" was a localized, regional event....NOT a worldwide one. Ummm......you REALLY believe that the Ice cap would slide into the ocean, and within 24-48 hours, the world would FLOOD? HAHAHAHA You are an idiot.

One of them lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, although he is more like a puppet. Cheney is much deeper involved.
 Quoting: Intrepid 116352

HAAHAHAHAHAA this one is hilarious. Cheney......really now. Give it all a rest. Faggots like you coming to this forum CONTINUOUSLY to pull everyones chains/strings to watch, or make them dance. At LEAST be a little more convincing fucken turd muncher. I am at this point finding 80 percent of the posts here to be pure, skimmed and strained cow shit from the minds of obese, nerdy, computer-glued faggots and lezbos with nothing better to do, and whom lead antisocial lives, withdrawn from the public and incapable of developing NORMAL relationships with fellow HUMANBEINGS. Please.....please step outside there's a big world outthere, and LOTS and LOTS of hotties. TRY IT. You MIGHT LIKE IT.
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