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Message Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
Poster Handle th€bbo
Post Content
I’m the OP of the “Purported Message/Warning from a Young Alien.” I want to extend an apology, and explain why I believe the whole thing was a b.s. set up.

I don’t know specifically who sent the material to me, but I’m just about sure it’s one of three individuals who I am acquainted with. I won’t say friends. Some of the comments which correctly critiqued the Had missive increased my doubt (from 50-50 to 25-75 against), but here’s why I’m sure now that it was some kind of insidious practical joke. I went to Wikipedia and looked up abra cadabra. (I somehow hadn’t thought of this connection until several posters joked about it.) There’s a lot of stuff there about the phrase’s origin, but then they have this:

“The occult movement of Thelema spells the word "Abrahadabra", and considers it the magical formula of the current Aeon. The movement's founder, Aleister Crowley, explains in his essay Gematria that he discovered the word (and his spelling) by kabbalistic methods.”

The middle of abraHADabra is the name given to the kid, which is bracketed by abra-abra. As a bonus to whichever of the three it is –he can say to me, “You’ve been Had!!” All three of the “suspects” are into Crowley, and all know the Sitchin material and doom sci-fi well enough to perpetrate this. And they’re all up to the level of writing required, which is how I know them, because I was in a writing club with them.

So, please accept that I am sincerely sorry.
 Quoting: Intrepid 116352

Hey OP! Could you please post the rest of the message so we can see what we're missing here. All the stuff about Sumerian gods. I was interested in this, altho I think it's some kind of fear-based psyops.

Peace, love, unity & respect

red_heart smile
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