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Message Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
Poster Handle blackcat66
Post Content
Ummm...one simple question.

When the earth stops spinning, how do they plan on keeping the atmosphere (which spins along with the planet ya' know) and all the non-bedrock items like houses, trees, cars, cats and so on from scouring the entire surface down to a shiny metal ball?

When a car hits a wall, there is a reson the driver goes through the windshield. Anything not directly attached by a seatbelt is going to keep moving forward at the rate of speed prior to the sudden stop.

I mean 1600 mph winds, houses, trees, cars, cats and milkshakes along with all the water in all the oceans.... would be rather shredding and non-life affirming don't'cha think?

And since only one side of the planet will be facing the sun and the other cold, dark space, and there would be no magnetic field to ward off the solar radiation so pretty much any plant life that is left is going to die and be cooked or frozen anyway and never grow back because of all the salt in the soil from the invading 1600 mph ocean.

At that point if there were any humans left underground???? it would most likely be the "undesirable" politicians and military men. And not 100 million, more like 100 thousand at the very most. No pretty starlets for the space alien stiffies.

So the space aliens want a barren rock with rotting cooked flesh/plant/seawater mud all over it. Hey, I hear Venus is available.

The author is a dumbass. Tell him to go to school and then he can come home and teach alien dad the kind of physics even a 1st grader understands.

Alien take over? From the dumbasses who haven't thought this through. Tell me... they wouldn't be Republicans would they?
 Quoting: Not anonymous to myself 366984

What an excellent post. Thank you!.
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