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Explaining the Galactic Overview Effect

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02/06/2008 08:44 PM
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Explaining the Galactic Overview Effect
This is a fairly interesting speech in pantomime format that I have been giving to small groups of people from a podium and in odd places over the last few weeks. I thought I would share it with you folks. I have been lurking on here for almost two years since I almost died of an unknown illness I suffered after finding a deer mutilation near my cabin November 29th/30th of 2005...

Something told me it was time to join the chorus... cheers everyone.



- Hold your arms out quite strait from body. Make fists of your hands -

Pantomime the following:

“OK, let me beg your indulgence and join me in a imaginative pantomime of our solar system and its current very unique placement in our galaxy at this time."

"Imagine now that I am a little model of the galaxy. It’s very difficult to conceive of how big I really am now, but imagine in the center of my chest is a black hole, the biggest ever recorded by us, and imagine my two arms are just two arms amongst many, and imagine that my right hand now is our own little part of the galaxy, several hundreds, or even hundreds of thousands of stars"

"-and now …I am going to start running, in that direction, but my speed will be more like 30,000 miles an hour, and although I am going to do this in slow-motion, you should imagine me spinning the entire time at about a hundred miles an hour, alright?”

Do it. Return to microphone.

“OK, but wait, did you notice the wobble in my arms, did you notice how both my arms wobbled up and down as I moved through space, all my bulk and stars and space time waves in tow, rotating around my own wobbling axis? You have just imagined what appears to be holding all time and space together through the whole galaxy, right here in this vicinity of the universe. But it had a wobble. It wobbled on its axis.”

“OK, now that wobble takes all these star systems and all their planets and stuff, as represented by my fist here, up into a bow-wave, yes there is a shockwave that precedes all my great space-time “bulk” that I am heaving around myself, and as we the terrestrial population of Earth around old Sol, ‘bob’ up into this thick densely packed radiant shockwave about every 64 to 65 million years, we experience some incredible astrophysically inspired cataclysmic changes of epic proportions.”

“65 Million years ago the Dinosaurs died. Climate change and a comet wiped them and thousands or possible millions of species out of existence.”

“So this is a little like the equivalent of sitting in a car going at 36,000 miles a minute and sticking your head out through the window- if you don’t break your neck for some odd reason, your skin would exfoliate from your skull in seconds.”

“As our solar system has bobbed into this more radiant, more highly densely packed area of space, the body affected by this galactic shockwave is our sun. It’s just a ball of hot jello, or in the case of the Galactic model I just pantomimed before, it’s a pinprick of hot plasma, with very very very small dust specks circling the pinprick.”

“Now, just in case I’ve lost some of you I want to ask for your active intent to disprove this: If there’s anyone in the audience that would like to scoff at any of this, don’t trust me, or the scientists, just do this- find a family member or friend who is at least 60 years of age, and then locate a date on the calendar when the moon is as close to exactly HALF full as can be arranged, and go out in the evening to look around. Ask that elderly person to remember how bright the moon was, when it was FULL, when they were ten.”

“Why is the moon brighter is answered quite simply – the sun is brighter. Why then, we may ask is the sun brighter at it’s current “Solar Minimum”, a time that was supposed to be, in all our greatest heliocentric lore, marked by a simmering down of solar storms and flares and ejections. Instead, we saw not just huge solar storms that set records, but we saw them in groups and some, in provocative directions over the last several years, which happens to eb the timeframe that we started measuring how the area of space our solar system had moved into was a hundred times more highly charged with particles and energy of all kinds. Normally we are protected from this radiation from the cosmos, whetehr we are in the galactic shockwave or not, by the cloak of gravity around the earth, created, it is presumed by our liquid magnetic core.”

“Sorry, that gravity cloak sometimes opens up now in places like the Atlantic, sometimes for days, often the size of California. As our whole solar system bobs up into this amazing radiant luminescent shockwave, the beings on those dustspecks circling around hot plasma pinpricks get the brunt of it. Any world with oceans that can flood, tectonic activity that can set off calderas, is a world that will be affected by it and it’s star entering this galactic shockwave..."

"oh, yes, did I mention that all this increased solar activity tracks closely with volcanic and seismic activity? Have we talked about the Yellowstone caldera that is due to go off every 70,000 years per the fossil record, and that cataclysmic clock appears to be ready to go off just about now? That thing is a 600 mile deep by 300 miles long and 100 miles wide hot pocket of uranium laced magma, a unique caldera, a natural nuclear furnace of huge proportions, and unique also in that it is not connected to an ocean. Science has already shown the only way that the Yellowstone Caldera can blow, and it’s the worst one you could imagine. And it’s not the only caldera around the world. Look through your recent media for volcanoes and flooding and you can see that we have just gotten the first taste of what is now considered likely to happen as things go from barely tolerable, to bad, to worse...all from the ending of a 65 million year cycle that we are all privileged to live in, to learn from, and hopefully, if we learn nothing at all, we remember how to leave a legacy.”
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.

- Ovid

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