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Aliens. Those grey critters that investigate the intestinal flora of trailer park inhabitants.

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02/07/2008 01:23 AM
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Aliens. Those grey critters that investigate the intestinal flora of trailer park inhabitants.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
Being a paranoid woowoo, I would like to invite all my little internet friends to psychoanalysis my paranoid psychosis...
In case you're wondering I like most woowoos really have no idea about what tptb really have planned for us all, so to alleviate our boredom we speculate. Here is my speculation on what Werner Von Braun meant by a comment alleged to have been made by him as to their alleged plans for us all...

It's commonly believed that the aliens are in fact aliens, I do not believe this. I believe the grey aliens are in fact a form of hybrid specifically human/dolphin hybrid one only has to look at the grey alien to understand this point of view. Their grey skin, black eyes... Actually I find it interesting that there's a distinct lack of genitalia on the hybrids. I suppose that someone doesn't want them to breed outside of capitivity. Now that's a control method and having a control method in place is what I believe to be the first indication that aliens are not what we're lead to believe...

Oddly or not so oddly enough is the sudden rise in enviromentally awareness. Enviromental awareness serves two purposes. The first being that it's good for the planet, this allows for future generations just as the propaganda says via sustainabile living of those currently here. However if someone wanted the planet for themselves then it's a good idea to get the planet in the best possible condition. I know that's what I would want.

The second reason for enviromental awareness is to accustomise the human race to recycling and more efficient living. Doing this prepares us for life in space. Where resources are extremely limited. This is basically where the nwo plans to make most if not all of it's money. Actually I wonder if up until now it's just been fun and games...

Anyway the question has to be asked who would create an alien ?. The obvious answer is someone that wants or needs a scrapegoat or proxy for what they're about to do. You see, soon a lot of people may die. It's not personal, these people simply aren't needed. Think of it as just a surplus of human resources. Such widescale slaughter might be frowned upon so... If a war with aliens and of course the lead up to said war wipes out 9/10s of the human race then... After the aliens are defeated and humanity claws and scrapes it's way back from the brink of annihilation. Well then the survivors will be able to hold their heads high and with pride...
I think we can all guess whom such a method might interest...

In the society of the future, A corporate meritocracy. Where those with the ability to rule will do so. After having the best education and their parents finances to insure they are able to take full advantage of all of the situations and oppotunities that life presents them. Of course they'll need people to do things they don't want to so having a trade such as an engineer, or nurse will be a good idea if you plan to see this through to the end. Also cleaning their gold toilets might be another avenue to survivial...

Those without skills or the inclination to serve the nwo will most likely be disposed of in one way or another. An underground bunker could easily serve this purpose as a gas chamber, people could be sedated or killed en mass. They could then put people in a large microwave to dispose of the evidence. I'm sure they learnt something from the nazis.

The aliens are human dolphin hybrids, created for the purpose of creating the illusion that an all powerful dominating factor exists. These hybrids are nothing more than another proxy for those that are wealthy enough to afford such things. So without further ado I will now explain why. So they can do what ever they want and get away with it under the guise of the evil alien overlords. One possible senario is that they intend to send people into space to fight these things. But what they might really do is just gas people in underground gaschambers or least that's the humane way. They may just dump people into a big hole and watch them starve. But considering enviromental awareness I would think they intend to just recycle the people into something useful.

You know all of these things have their flaws. I'm surprised team debunker hasn't ripped them to ribbons. I suppose they're too busy with the big economic doom.
Holy cow! It's the woowoo patrol!