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Poster Handle Buck Johnson
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I've read and listened many different things on this subject and I've come to the conclusion that there was something going on with this entire matter.

What I find interesting is how right after WWII was when we started seeing the first UFO's over America. I've watched enough video now to have a pretty good idea that the Nazi's were messing around with anti-gravitational devices where mercury was placed in some sort of container and vibrated to very high frequencies using electricity. It sounds rather far fetched but it's pretty coincidental to see how right after WWII our space and defense forces and craft seemed to take a huge leap forward in progress.

Good post.
 Quoting: Question EVERYTHING 333112

You are correct, the Nazis where working with anti-gravity rotating mercury and making objects (Like the Nazi Bell) levitate. And I believe this because the Aurora craft which is supposed to have a person or crew that is situated in a cabin that is surrounded in a ring of mercury under pressure and rotating at a certain speed. This negates the mass of the object or cabin in the center of the ring making the craft do things that are against aerodynamics. I've always thought that Angular momentum or rotation (gyroscope etc.) would be the key to anti-gravity. Have any of you held a spinning disk drive, try to move it against the spin of the plates inside the structure and what do you feel? You feel a weird sensation of it being light and heavy at the same time. This is the sense of mass being reduced somewhate.

Anti-Gravity will come about in the near future, it's just a matter of time before more have figured out the secret without being shut up by the govt.
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