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The only sources of information on the subject(critical facts, not banalities like Highjump etc.)are in Russian. No translations exists. This is a brief summary of events:

+ The first German nuclear bomb (Object Loki) was tested in Byelorussia, near the town of Gomel, on 3 March 1944, 11:00 h. Berlin time. One of the indirect evidences of that is the transfer of 3 SS Divisions in the beginning of 1944 near otherwise insignificant Gomel - one police and two armoured. The Third Reich became the first nuclear state. After the Chernobyl incident, measurements detected an old radiation level - namely from 1944 near Gomel. The Soviet scientists then, allthough extremely puzzled, preferred to forget.

+ The first serial German nuclear charge was made in December 1944, another 2 - in January 1945, another 4 - in February, and one in March 1945. 10 charges were made till the end (so to say) of WWII in Europe.
+ The German nuclear arsenal had been deployed in Ruhr, within Special SS batalion No.244. Its existence was the primary reason for the battle of the Ardennes and for the "suicide" of feldmarschall Model. The commander of SS batallion No.244 - Adolph Eule, was directly responsible to Himmler.

+ The first German battle nuclear strike, was the bombing of the American transatlantic convoy LW-143 on 18 March 1945. The bomb was dropped by a heavy German Ju-390 bomber. The convoy included the light aircraft carrier "Sekvoya", commissioned in the USN only 5 months earlier, 1 light cruiser, 7 minelayers, 10 other anti-submarine ships and 30 cargo vessels. The entire convoy was turned into ashes. The USN dispatched a fleet, at the end of March 1945, to sink the incinerated remains of the convoy, covering the facts and reporting the loss as due to German submarine attack. Never have German submarines been able to inflict such damages and never have their capains reported being there on 18 March 1945 or attacked anything.

+ It was impossible for the Germans to achieve significant military goals with 10 nuclear charges. They had other grand plans, which did not include more war. By all means the Germans could have attacked London, New York, Moskow etc. – an enormous political and military risk. Some German leaders were already imaginig themselves as a part of the allies’ plans to face the Soviet threat together. Bormann had instructions to transfer anything of value to Antarctica, Himmler was not even invited and wanted to divert assets for himself and trade them with the allies. It is not even certain that Himmler poisoned himself in the fall of 1945 – the British destroyed all evidence. But it is certain that Himmler traded 3 German bombs and arranged for the transfer to the US of nuclear materials as well as charge detonators which the US was entirely unable to construct. To the surprise of Churchill and Truman, Stalin did not even blink at their threat in Potsdam, when they informed him of posessing a nuclear weapon – in fact the German bombs. The Manhattan project was a failure - it was technically absurd to carry out such an engineering process within 2.5 years. The Americans had to steal knowledge which they did by means of their “Alsos” group operating in Europe. With the available German bombs and technology transfer, the Americans managed to produce their first test-ready bomb in the fall of 1946 and tested it in Texas. The first American bombs joined the US arsenals in mid 1947. The USSR got their bomb ready in 1949.

+ Germany did not have 3 Ju-390 as historians claim, but 30. The Ju and FW TA-400 were flying cargo flights to Antarctica on a regualr basis. The exodus of the largest and of the most modern German U-boots took place from 1 to 5 May 1945 at a rate of 30 per day. The submarines were sent disarmed in order to reduce the risk of incidents. All 150 submarines arrived intact in Antarctica. One of them - "Westfalen" was later used to launch, as a warning, an A4 missile against New York on 24 February 1947. Causualties were 56 people and a few buildings were destoyed. The US authorities lied that the explosion was caused by an American secret missile,despite the fact that the missile came from the direction of the ocean. The New York missile strike coincided with operation Hijump. It was precisely on 15 February 1947, that one of Byrd's pilots first noticed German mining facilities in Antarctica. Byrd’s forces were immediately attacked by the Antarctic Luftwaffe.

+ In 1971 one of the USSR spy satellites, monitoring Antarctica, first spotted an unusual rectangular floating object of white color. The further series of photos from 1972 clearly convinced the Soviet services that the object was not an iceberg. It was leaving a trail in the water and strange objects were visible on its surface. Near the floating object was visible another object seeming to just have taken off. The Soviets thought these were American secret projects. They sent two large reconnaissance planes in 1972, only to confirm that the white aircraft carrier did not match any of the types used by the US. Later on, they would know of the secret German aircraft carrier “Richthoffen”. For some unknown reason, the French services also became interested, sending in October 1973 an expedition led by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Cousteau found and witnessed many things, he lost a few men in the caves of Antarctica, and he found the white aircraft carrier already sunk near the coast of Antarctica. He lost 16 divers trying to get closer. Some unknown force was killing his divers and cutting their steel ropes. Following that incident the French sent a fleet, but the sunk carier was no longer there. They got a warning from Washington not to stick their noses.

+ Soviet satellites spoted many times various objects, looking like submarines, along the coastline of Antarctica. Some had been photographed as half emerged from underwater caves. The white aircraft carrier was never photographed anymore.

+ Soviet expeditions were sent in 1977 and in 1979 when they also brought 3 submarines. The giant nuclear submarine could not enter the caves. The smaller diesel-electric one did it amidst strange lights comming from the bottom of the lake inside a big cavern. Tunnels were found, the dead men of Cousteau’s team were found, but the further obstacles in the tunnels were unsurmountable. Eventuallly the sub got an accident – without touching any hard surface, it was so brutally shaken that the crew got fractures everywhere. All secret equipment was taken off and the sub was abandonned. It was pointless to go that way.

+ In 1983 a Soviet expedition found an anicent town in deep Antarctica. The ancient runic inscriptions were deciphered by the Russians in the 90s. The name of the town was Okmaron.

+ The US has been involved in secret technology trade with the Fourth Reich since decades. It does not mean that the Fourth Reich is somehow friendly to the US though. They are not the same people. As a matter of fact, the Fourth Reich is not willing to share too much with evil powers. The US now seems to be doing a dirty job for other powers from which even the Reich preferred to distance itself. There are other contacts now. Japan also owes its spectacular technological advancement to previous contacts with the Germans. Even inside the German WW2 establishment, there was a rivalry between the Antarctic and the Tibetan groups. Today’s Germany is completely out of that game. The Russians catch up in their own way. Unlike the US, the Russians enjoy a favourable attitude by the Antarctic Reich, perhpas due to the special benevolent attitude of even more superior powers there. Not all though. Antarctica is a place of unknown forces. The Russians remain suspicious. They suffered casualties in 1961 when trying to reach the South Pole from the Mirnyi station. They reported being attacked by something definitely not human – something conscious but of rather electric nature probably coming from the earth’s radiation belt. The same experience was reported by the Americans in 1962 when they tried to reach the South Pole from the Midway Station and had to be all hospitalized with mental illness. Since then, attempts to reach the South Pole on the ground have been cancelled. The pole is not a pole, but a circle. Peary and Amundsen figured out they were there, but they were on the circle. Their instruments showed as if they were on the geometric pole. And in such severe atmospheric conditions, they were neither eager, nor capable of double-checking their location with astronomy. And nobody is welcome there.
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Thanks! Any English web addy's for some of this?
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