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I've read and listened many different things on this subject and I've come to the conclusion that there was something going on with this entire matter.

What I find interesting is how right after WWII was when we started seeing the first UFO's over America. I've watched enough video now to have a pretty good idea that the Nazi's were messing around with anti-gravitational devices where mercury was placed in some sort of container and vibrated to very high frequencies using electricity. It sounds rather far fetched but it's pretty coincidental to see how right after WWII our space and defense forces and craft seemed to take a huge leap forward in progress.

Good post.
 Quoting: Question EVERYTHING 333112

Good observations. Just got done reading 'Brotherhood of the Bell' explaining your observations. The machine with mercury was called 'The Bell'. I became intrigued because I heard Alan Watt say ALL UFO's are manmade. Then again, I read the Germans back-engineered an UFO (apparently not from the earth) and presto! out came the sightings of world-wide UFOs. Kenneth Arnold's observation of nine UFOs over Mt. Rainier, Washington in 1947 apparently were exact duplicates of German UFOs.

Then again, Gordon Cooper, US astronaut, stated before the United Nations that UFOs (from elsewhere) are real. But then Lt. Col. Corso said he took the evidence from the Roswell crash, gave it US manufacturers and this is why we have fiber optics, etc., all coming from real UFOs. The jury is still out in my opinion but it is intriging that the Germans had really started all the advanced technology we see today. However, I wouldn't doubt the rumors about Nazis in Antarctica; I also think they (along with many others) used Tesla's physics instead of Einstein's.
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