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DrPostman, leaving out Elling, Stolz, Turbinia and giving Whittle the credit for the jet engine isn't helping. The jet engine was a well known idea, it just took time for high temperature materials to get up to scratch. The "Whittle story" is British jingoism, something that happened in UK popular literature far too much after the war. Something to do with maintaining patriotic feeling or a nostalgia for propaganda I think. Irritating since as soon as things get investigated disappointments set in.

And this:

British jet engines were far more reliable than their German
counterparts. They had jets during WW2 as well, or don't
you know about the Gloster Meteor?

Reliable doesn't mean useful. WW2 allied jets don't have a good operations record.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 369463

materials science is the key in this case. Germany didn't have access to the right alloys etc during the latter war years so their engines had an operational life as short as 4 hours. Due to turbine blades being made from mild steel etc.

German & british engines were equally good technically, it's just germany was strapped for materials & Britain didn't need jets at the time as the allies had overwhelming air superiority with piston engined aircraft.

The funniest thing about the history of the jet engine is that the Americans couldn't build an efficient one by themselves despite years of development. In reality the british gave them a Whittle engine and they reverse engineered it. Also due to the usual British attitudee of not supporting great inventors Whittle relocated to the US after the war and assisted the US in jet engine development.

Whittle was a genius and the British treated him like crap so i don't blame him for going to the US where he got the respect he deserved.
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