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Poster Handle Duncan Kunz
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ok, i actually think that you have valid arguments and all, i just don't think i have enough information to prove that the claims are real/false.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 244928

And neither do I have evidence to prove one thing or another; when you think about it, it's really impossible to prove a negative. Even if I could fly a "Nieu Schwabenland" believer over every square mile of Antarctica, he could say that they were all underground, and even if I wsere to take detailed subsurface lidar maps of the continent, he could say they were on "another dimension" or something.

The only thing I have to go on is what I call the "does it make sense?" approach. The way I look at it, all of the following must have happened in order for there to be a "Nieu Schwabenland":

The Nazis, despite having the crap bombed out of their country and factories in the closing days of World War II, managed to sneak a million or so people out of the country, then build a huge complex of military underground bases in one of the most inhospitable pieces of real estate on the face of the Earth; and ...

Despite the fact that the Americans and the British completely controlled the seas from 1944 on, all these ships full of German people and infrastructure managed to leave Germany, sneak through the English Channel or the North Sea, then all the way down the Atlantic, make a landing which would dwarf that of D-Day, and scamper off into the frozen interior -- all without anyone noticing; and ...

Despite all the satellite imagery available, as well as all the scientific expiditions from just about every country in the world as well and increasing amounts of tourism, they've managbed to hide every aspect of themselves and their homes; and ...

If they're underground (which they'd have to be, in order to keep warm and hidden), they must be getting damn tired of stale knockwurst und sauerbraten, since there aren't any farms available and underground homes tend to be somewhat dark, being away fron the sun and all; and ...

But I'm sure you get my drift.

however, from my perspective (which is intuitive and may as well be proven false later) it looks like the Nazi base in Antarctica exists, or maybe something even more bizarre from the mainstream paradigm perspective is hidden there.
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