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Many websites give the numbers of Fourth Reich Antarcticans at around 20,000,000 living in Neuschwabenland in the Antarctic.

The Deep Underground Military Bases (D1 Bases) the 4th Reich has in Antarctica, go all the way underneath Argentina and Chile and apparently up to Southern Uruguay.

I had friends who were Chilians and they told me that many of the Los Agricultores Mestizos and Los Agricultores Indios who had farmsteads and agricultural lands in the Andean Highland regularly saw massive "Fliegenschieben" with the "SS" insignia and the "Nazi" insignia flying overhead both in the daytime and in the nighttime.

So there is definitely a lot of activity going on in Antarctica. ALSO, in Argentina in the Bariloche area, which is mainly lakes and Pine Forests, there is a lot of Nazi UFO activity as well.

60 years deep underground ????for what purpose? only to gain manic depression and commit suicide.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 369765

The "Advanced Technologies" of the ILLUMINISTS and FREEMASONS, that Phillip Schnieder discussed in great detail, is equal pretty much to the Viertel Reich Fragemich Arbeit **OR** "FOURTH EMPIRE WONDER WORK" so therefore what does that mean???? It means the N.W.O. will NOT go near Neuschwabenland in Antarktis because both groups have equal technologies and want control of the planet.

You seem to feel the Viertel Reich are living in holes in the ground, under tonnes of snow and ice in Antarctica. Neuschwabenland is apparently in dimensions approximately over 200 miles in length, 120 miles in width and begins at a depth of 2 miles underground, with 16 levels known of. It is like 16 massive, ultra-advanced, technological cities stack on top of each other.

There are Mag-Lev Train Networks that go into hundreds of smaller Deep Underground Military Bases (D1 Bases) under Antarctica, and in Argentina and Chile, wear many thousands and thousands of Fourth Reich NAZIS actually live openly upon the surface in Argentina and Chile, which are NAZI controlled countries since the end of WW2 in 1945.
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