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Hi, just wanted to share this information with you guys ive been researching the last few years and have some things you may or may not know about the connection of Ufos' antarctica and the secrecy about it all.

Now the whole point about UFO's is that they are just that- unidentified flying objects. This means that although they may or may not be from somewhere outside earth they definitely ARE unclaimed to the point where nobody is sharing info on their technology. Why wouldnt countries/ government/military etc want to claim such magnificent machines? Well i feel that after a few years of pottering away with theories and amateur research, that i know the answer and indeed have a small amount of insight into the actual design of ufos.

I Feel that...(as all this is pure theory - nothing known for sure)

It was the great Nikola Tesla who first made non-military advances in the technology which make UFOS fly, and it was also he who wanted to share the info and the discovery for the good of mankind so all this information is given freely as a tribute to his life and work.

The way a UFO flies is quite simple. I feel that the only plausible way a UFO could work is by a a process known as "magnetic reconnection" which converts magnetic field lines - and gravity - into kinetic energy and thrust. This same process can be witnessed first hand in nature by looking at the auroras or the northern and southern lights, where on a daily basis gasses in our atmosphere are being propelled through our atmosphere with such force that they burn up and discharge colour and light. And the way this works fits with the theroy of why Germans would build a Ufo base in Antarctica.

First of all, the most obvious question is this - the northern and southern lights happen where? Any guesses? If you said the North and South pole then you would be right. But WHY does it happen there and what does this have to do with UFOS?

Well let me explain. At the center of our solar syetem is the sun, which on a daily basis buffets our earth, and all the rest of the planets, with a constant stream of "solar wind" - which is waves and waves of magnetic energy caused by the solar flares on the sun. Thes magnetic field waves reach our earth, and as they arrive the magnetic field lines are stretched - as they cant pass through the earth unchanged due to the earths own magnetic field. The lines are forced to disconnect and flow past the center point of the earth "broken", until they reach the other side of the earth. When they can finally reconnect again they do so, which causes a sudden release of energy. Any particle with a charge in the vicinity of the reconnection is expelled with force away. Now in our atmosphere near where this reconnection happens are particals of neon, hydrogen and other assorted elements, which when propelled through the earths atmospere, burn with different colours of greens, yellows, reds and sometimes blues.

I feel that Ufos fly by utilising the reconnection of magnetic field lines to cause thrust when the reconnection happens. By rotating electromagnets with a certain strength and pulse rate, a pulsing independent magnetic field could be created around the Vessel whereby the south pole could be on top of the ship and the north under, (or vice versa). Having the poles aligned in a way where they are opposite the Earth where the ship is resting would cause the earth to repel the vessel away at a rate of great knots. Steering could be controlled by bending the feild slightly, forcing the earth to pull more on the magnetic field in one way or another.

Now what makes this interesting is that the earths North and South poles are where the magnetic field lines of the earth cycle through. If you could picture the Earth the magnetic field lines sprout from the earth at Antarctica and re-enter again in the arctic. If you could build a machine that utilises this technology the most obvious place for launching it would be where the field lines "push out" from the earth.......Antarctica.

The machine would just "piggyback" on a field line like being towed on a rope and it would be only be restricted by the machines ability to produce the magnetic repulsion. The earth would do the rest - expelling the "oppositely geared magnet" away from the start point.

Also, once it left our own atmosphere the same machine could the use the magnetic field lines anywhere in the universe to sling shot from one planet to the next. The magnetic solar wind provided by the sun flow past all of the planets and even as far as other solar systems, which would make for some great interplanetary sailing. Also, there would be no emmissions, no fuel to be carried or weather conditions that would stop this machine flying. Only when the magnetic energy went away would the power end.

I could go into more detail but ill leave that for next time. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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