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We make an investigation in Chile older that the Russian Documentary.

i Live in Punta Arenas, we control de Magellan strait and we have the biggest military airport in this latitude so all de bigger aircraft must land and take off here to go to antartica.

in front of my city there is Tierra del Fuego ,(land of fire or feuerland)

here our online investigation is in english and spanish,

page 1
[link to extrados.mforos.com]

[link to extrados.mforos.com]

[link to extrados.mforos.com]

page 4
[link to extrados.mforos.com]

We discoveries some serious issue here:

1.- Karl Haushofer (the master of nazi esoterism and geopolitics teacher) was the master of the Finland VAINO AUER, the Chilean RAMON CAÑAS MONTALVA, and have links with the US Navy Admiral RICHARD E BYRD.

2.- VAINO AUER (finland geopolitic and geographer) came to Tierra del Fuego on the twenties helped by pro germany citizens to make a investigation about geophisics

3.- VAINO AUER build a Nazi Mega Base in TIerra del Fuego for the Kriegmarine, this base still we canot found.
(the video of his conffesion is in youtube i uploaded de DVD finish Documentary, someone puts teh link on wiki.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
[link to www.youtube.com]

4.- General RAMON CAÑAS MONTALVA was very close friend with Richard E. Byrd. both were in Punta Arenas at the same time that Vaino builds the Base. 1941

5.- General RAMON CAÑAS MONTALVA was the chieff of the army forces here and was the first to take antartic for Chile on 1947.

6.- RICHARD E BYRD was in charge over HIGHJUMP ops between 1946 and 1947. to destroy the Nazi bases in Antartica.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

7.- Richard Byrd gives an interview to the Mercurio chilean newspaper on 5 March 1947 that says that US is in danger cause enemy airplanes would came from both poles to attacks USA.
[link to fotos.miarroba.com]

8.- USA attaks the Nazi base again on 1958 with operation Deepfreeze under the secret cover up of Operation Argus. and detonate 3 nukes over Antartica.

9.- SouthAfrica discover the nukes detonation a warns US to alleged that in UN.

10.- US firms the Antartic Nuclear Non Proliferation Act on 1959

11.- Russia on 2006 reveals the secrets

12. On 2007 An Spanish investigator wrotes the book
[link to www.heyupload.com]

13.- On November 2004 NASA and Chilean Navy try to recover the wreckage of the George 1 that was shott down by nazi forces. That ops was cover up but we reveal it.

So there is many circunstantial probe that here are some stuff
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