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Well, obvious if the people know that we are all in a interstellar society. Will those sci-fis have more seats?

There is also a UFO base in Tibet, people from India and Tibet on yearly pilgrimages see many triangle crafts hovering above mountain glaciers. There is also an area within a section of open border for pilgrimages which is guarded by both indian and chinese military forces on their own side of entrance. It is also where the UFO base is supposed to be.

I am sure that most govts know that we are in a civilization that only a few can really understand.

My greatest interest is to find where the heck was Atlantis if it had a phase of existence on the surface as ours now. UFOs for me already become an open secret, a given fact that a question about their existence is a waste of thought.

Nazi would not have been able to develop anti-g power without help from higher intelligence. Vril society was a cotactee society rather than a researching one.

What about Ahnenerbe ancestry research society? They want to prove that their ancestors were atlantean people, if they did prove this could it be possible that techs of UFOs were answers from their long lost brothers?

Anyway I do nt believe that UFOs drivers are all blond aryans, and even Atlanteans were all blond people. Here in china and Russia we have report of asian looking alians with pyramid haircuts, dressed in golden suites etc. Most contactees from Japan and China reported their abductors are asian looking.

There was an interesting case in 1970s of repeated disappearences and appearances of a peasant. He was living in a remote mountain village where untill now there was no motorway to it. He only in one day managed to cross a distance of 4000 km to appeare in Shanghai where he was detained for supposed craziness, thank God he was a registered member of Communist party, police did found his documents, and realize his home was more than 4000 km away. He got not even a penny in his pocket so nobody understood how he could have travelled alone so far. More importantly his home province is on highland relatively to Shanghai, a lowland city. Even to walk through the plateau is considered impossible as there are many invincible mountains covered by glaciers. To go throught all this area required at the time more than 5 times of stopovers,and 15 days to arrive. He also could not cost the fee too as a extremely poor peasant.

When his wife was contacted, his wife reported his date of disappearance was only the immidiate previous day of his detainment! He somehow managed to teleported over a distance of 4000km in one day. In that year, after he returned home on the cost of his comrades.He was reported to have repeatedly disappeared more than 10 times in only 2 months, and he also claimed to have learned 5 dialects and to speak and write excellent chinese WHICH he could hardly speak understandibly as a illiterate peasant! He claimed to have travel on the back of a flying superhuman to 15 chinese cities! He did not report a UFO craft abduction but only a Flying Superhuman dressed in a tidy black suit. That mysterious superhuman was handsome, like a energitic 24 year old youth, with black hair and black eyes, slender and tall. He said when the superman flies with him on the back he feels no cold nor the pressure from air, only but cool breeze. They stoped and slept over in hotels and walked into restrooms as if nobody could see them.

After all the most mysterious thing remains that he did became intelligent in merely about 6 month of the incredible incident, he began to talk about world peace, wars etc. He was an illiterate peasant could not even read any newspaper before he met that mysterious flying youth.
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