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NIU Gunman ID'd as Ex-Grad Student

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United States
02/15/2008 10:46 AM
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NIU Gunman ID'd as Ex-Grad Student
Source: Associated Press (newser) The gunman who killed six and wounded 15 in a Northern Illinois University lecture hall yesterday was identified this morning as Steven Kazmierczak, an ex-NIU grad student who had won two top sociology department honors and had done well-regarded research on prison systems, the Chicago Tribune reports. He had most recently been a grad student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Under the tutelage of a prominent criminal-justice expert, Kazmierczak was a co-author of a paper on self-injury in prison and the role of religion in the formation of early prisons in the US. The 27-year-old entered the classroom through a door on the stage, fired on students with a shotgun, then used handguns to wound the lecturer and kill himself.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times
"If you paid attention you'd be worried too." -Randy Newman
Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/15/2008 11:18 AM
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Re: NIU Gunman ID'd as Ex-Grad Student
Obviously someone or something triggered this guy's programming. MK-Ultra or Montauk boy? These events are happening way too often to be random acts. Yesterday at my kid's middle school, police were all over the place because of a threat posted in the girls restroom. This is the second time this year.

Something major is going to happen before the elections in my opinion. Already oil jump 10 cents a gal. in ONE day in my town($3.15). Apparently Chavez wasn't kidding. We are being priced out of our cars and homes. WTF?

Are we getting immune to it all? Whatever we do, I don't think Americans will be giving up their guns any time soon. In the meantime, get a concealed weapons permit if this stuff is really starting to bother you.