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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If Barack Obama is indeed a mason then for me it is indeed an honor. Then,he is my brother. Being 32nd degree mason has a term used that I could not tell you for I am just a wife of a mason. And I am grateful that my husband is a mason.
In joining the freemasonry, whether you are black or white race is disregarded, whether you are catholic or not is not also important. And don't make any foolishness on what books they use or what bible they have. GIVE RESPECT TO THE MASONS. You also have to take into considerations that if masonry is only for the elite persons then why do they have programs for the poor? Why, in our lodge have open arms to the needy ones? You can say that masons are for the elite persons because they are all professionals.

Look, what is important in Barack Obama is his PLAT FORM
that must come true. And another thing is that, that the black and white race must have equal rights. As far as I could remember it is not only the black race that is being discrimated by the white race (although, not all white race) but even the Filipinos are also discrimated in other countries. GIVE CHANCE TO BARACK OBAMA WHETHER YOU ARE BLACK OR WHITE RACE DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE BUT WHAT IS IMPORTANT AT THIS MOMENT IS THE DEDICATION OF THE LEADER TO SERVE HIS COUNTRY. Idol1

If Barack Obama's wife is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations what's the big deal with that? Isn't it a big help? Why don't you just discuss on the issues that has sense not on the issues that cannot contribute for the progress of your country. Let Barack Obama prove first that HE CAN BE A GOOD LEADER FOR ALL RACES. Idol1
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