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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can be related to many people through family trees and genetics. So what? Your 8th cousin done anything for you recently?

If I were to use your system of "taintedness" through familial ties, I'm related to royalty, and banking families, the St.Valentine's day massacre, a grand master, a major-suffragette (the same one, twice), etc, nuns, at least three major conspiracies of the last 150 years so far.


Doesn't mean squat about MY life. Hasn't done anything for me. Finding it all out took some major snoop work, and still it doesn't mean squat. We are blockaded at every turn. None of the good stuff passes onto our line, and all the bad shit managed to come our way.

If I didn't know in life, and it hasn't helped me why are you all under the impression that some black 8th cousin means fuck all to anyone?

Or do you think that there is some magic in the genetics of some of us, that having some magical connection gives us the ability and the need to pull ahead regardless of the circumstances? Is what you are noticing not a conspiracy, but just some obscure proof that some trait of leadership and governance flows through some family lines? Are you sure you aren't just noticing MOTIVATION coupled with enough sense to do so without sheer violence, and that perhaps some genetic-commonalities are just more motivated to do so?

I look at my own family ties, and wonder how anyone would hold me accountable for being related to some of them. Like it says something about me, when really it doesn't say anything at all.
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