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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After all if we look back to history, America belongs to the Indians. and the white guys went to Africa to capture free mens and make them as slaves.

 Quoting: The Spectre 496062

In those days, not many countries were truly free, especially africa - the african lords of their time...

(you can't just be a simple bunch of white men and go across the ocean or to another country with millions of people and kidnap a whole hoard of them, come on now...)

...sold their people to the other parties for working purposes. also, the people who were sold by their lords to work in another country...

(of which you enjoy the benefits of...)

...ate, drank, had sex, produced children, had blankets and bathrooms, plates, clothes, water of course or they all would have died within about 10 days - now who would want their under-paid workers to die on them?

They weren't allowed to vote...

(as women weren't at one time and you hardly ever hear woman harp and cry about this fact and the reasons were simple, clear and understandable)

...for the simple reason that these workers...

(who were paid - albeit harshly, like in this day and age working for minimum wage)

...were not educated nor informed enough politically or socially to make a decision on who should run the country and take charge of national security. if there were 5 thousand under-paid workers who decided to vote for joe blow of whom any informed person knows would destroy the country or even turn the new found democracy into a dictatorship, that would be 5 thousand votes for the wrong person. We all know the potential for a viper to convince a million people to burn and gas a nation - and being burned or gassed because of your nationality is truly a reason to harp about but that didn't happen to black people.

Those whom this happened to have also seemed to have gotten over it and moved along quite well in a Positive Direction...

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