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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Sceptic
Post Content
If there are 33 degrees in the Freemasons and they are an organisation that influences national and international power relations, why then, would a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason go for the presidency. One would argue that the Masons could have won the Elections from the shadows by introducing some pawn or another, instead of a high ranking member of their organisation in public view. Or is it, that the Freemasons and their Prince Hall counterparts, are so far apart, that the Prince Hall lodges need to operate in the public eye, and only the "regular masons" go about it from the shadows, by influence and "secret"?

I have to add that I do not know the next best thing about Masons and lodges, and of course one might answer that I should just keep my trap shut! I just find it too convenient that one of the highest members of a lodge or Free Masonic Order should so obviously go public.

Just a thought!
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