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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Boaz
Post Content
1) Barack Obama is not a Prince Hall Mason
2) There is such a thing as a Masonic Bible. I have one in my bedroom.
3) Masonry does not say that all gods are equal. Masons believe in one Great Architect.
4) The so called Illuminatae was a short lived 18th Century organization.
5) There is a small group of members of the Council of 33rd Degree, who are very honourable men, with the very best interests of the world at heart, who work to contribute to the solution of complex world problems who are "Illuminated". My best friend this past forty years is one of them. He is a deeply caring, immensely intelligent person.

Most people who have comment on here are ignorant of how much better of they are, because such organizations exist.
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