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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Boaz
Post Content
I have always found it funny that as secretive as people say Freemasonry is and how their own members within this secret organization don't even know the true workings of whatís going on, but yet as a non-mason they know all of the secrets that masons donít know. To funny

I love how high this organization has been put on a pedestal, that it couldnít live up to if you were truly a member. Yes, when America was becoming an independent nation our Masonic forefathers had to rely on its secrets and oaths. If a messenger had approached George Washington (Americaís first FM) with a top secret message from his generals, how else could he really know it was true and trust in it unless this messenger knew the proper signs of recognition? These signs were literally an item of national security, and divulging them was an act of treason in this era. Not so much today, hell most of these secrets you could find on the internet today. Yet you donít find the people who post these items dead, and these websites removed do you. Of course not because it is no longer a secret society like its past.

Today Masonry is nothing more then a group of individuals who meet for socialization, networking, and a sense of honor. I am a freemason and I am a Christian who is active within my church. I usher, hold a bible study, and work with our church for hospital ministries and much more in Godís name. I love God and pray for guidance in everything I do. I have no problem being a freemason; it has actually made me a better man. I take honor in being a member of an organization in which so many noble men of our country have been.

To say we are out to rule the world and the organization is for the elite is hilarious since the average age of a mason id almost 70 years old, and 90% of them only make what their retirement plan pays them. Hell, I was working in a mail room when I first joined. I know plenty of 33rd degree masonís and trust me the only thing their doing is participating in parades.

How can an organization that founded such a wonderful country, the constitution, and a democratic society are labeled as it has with absolutely no truth what so ever. Well at least it provides fun for individuals to fantasize that some secret organization is ruling the world. And, no Prince Hall masonís can not join Scottish Rites, I read that and that is incorrect. They do have their own Shriners though.
 Quoting: We Rule The World...not 558946

Well said Brother.
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