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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First off the Negroes can't be 32nd degree free masons. No matter how much of the good white genes he has.

Second...his mama is from Wichita. Are there any Jews is Wichita? Maybe that one that kills all those babies but beyond that I am thinking they are Jew free.
Whoever wrote this has about as much intelligence as a piece of crap stuck on a donkey's ass. Was retardation passed down from your parents ?

just letting you know that black people can become 32 and 33 honored masons... i know this for fact cause i am a 32 and we have members of many races.. however barack obama is not a mason... i researched the grand lodge of illionis and they have no listing and if he was a mason thats where he would have become one.
 Quoting: indiana mason 513424

Since the freesmasons are a secret society, how can someone outside the freemasons find out if a man is listed in the grand lodge in their state? I want to find out if a certain person is listed as a mason in his state.
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