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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Templar Knight
Post Content
Amazing this post started about the "possibility of BO being a Freemason" and it spiraled out of control.

I am a 32' Scottish Rite Mason and I am an active officer in the line of the Rose Croix Degree. I am also a Past Master of my Blue Lodge, Companion in the Royal Arch Chapter, Sir Knight and active officer in my commandery of Knights Templar, and a Shriner. I am not holding any secret to who I am or my involvement. My family knows, my friends know, my community knows, my clients know, and whoever drives behind me knows. So what secret?

Yes there are particular signs of recognition to enter into a closed meeting, but also ask yourself, can you barge in on a corporate meeting at Microsoft? These forms of recognition came from the times traveling across Europe in the Dark Ages. Knights did not carry money on their person because of highway robbers, and was allowed to enter into safe-houses for rest and food. The keeper of the safe-house would then submit an invoice to the Hospitalers / Templars for payment, hence the Templars started the use of credit. These signs of recognition finally made their way in the guilds and hence we have what we have today.

Going back to Babylon and Nimrod? Questionalble. If you can provide solid proof then so be it. As for Masons controlling the world, the economy or whatever you may believe, stop by a Masonic Lodge and then come back and make the same argument. There has been enough information provided throughout this thread to have you informed about the Freemasons. I do not understand why you have such a seething contempt for Freemasons; but I am sure one day you will see outside your own little box.
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