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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle just asking
Post Content
Richard Syrett, a Toronto radio host, claimed on his show Thursday night that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Freemason.

Uh... if you are NOT WHITE then you are NOT A MASON. To be a mason, you have to be white. Of course there is the joke lodge Prince Albert in a Can for the non-whites so they can play at being masons... but to be a real mason, it is white or you're not one.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 225509


in 1960, the freemason lodges from my country were forced to stop working due to allegations that the higher degree masons were using blackmagic / witchcraft to influence other newer members. After closure, the material that was taken into custody, included human skulls, bones (animal/humans) ....(i'm only highlighting the important ones)...Whats that about ??? plz correct me if i'm wrong coz this is something i've seen with my own eyes. i even wrote an article in one of the local magazines suggesting a fair trial, unfortunately it was never published (obviously i must be wrong)....

What i've heard and read is that in order to become a freemason u need to have the belief that there is only one creator of the universe. if u believe in "one divine creator" regardless of your religion, u can be a mason.... so it confuses me why a black person cannot be a mason ? does he believe in more than one god ?

In this amusing thread i've read alot of opinions of the masons and non masons. One thing is for sure, all non masons are trying to prove that freemasons do practice the forbidden acts (blackmagic etc), however the freemasons who're trying to prove them wrong dont even share the same point of view. half of you are saying blacks can be free masons, half of u are saying they cannot be....

can someone explain this please ?
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