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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle smart one.
Post Content
It's funny how everyone who knows everything about Freemasonry aren't Freemasons. Prince Hall Freemasons can receive the 33rd Degree. In many states, Post Civil Rights movement, Black and White masons sit in the same Lodge halls. We don't believe all Gods are equal. We have our own personal beliefs but respect everyones right to believe inwhatever God they want, just as our Constitution allows. Believe as you wish. Continue this thread as long as you wish. It is some great entertainment to see such ignorance.
 Quoting: Truth 374968

LOL stupid sheep. The constitution has been invalid since 1933, on march 9th 1933 ores. Franklin D roosevelt declared a national emergency putting the power of the nation derectly into the presidents hands. this "state of emergency" has never been taking away. The constitution has been INVALID 76 years
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