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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You don't have to travel across the continent to become a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, it's an honorary degree, nothing more, no secret wisdom, no hidden truths revealed..

Hiram Abiff, thanks for posting, however one thing I've learned during my years here at GLP is that those who want so badly to believe the hocus pocus about masons just are not going to be persuaded by truth or common sense :)

I agree, with this, and can't see reading all of it.

I am interested in whether Obama is a freemason. I'm interested in where he met the people who pushed him to the top... Frankly, I don't care if he was a shriner...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 536088

People read something written by people with an agenda and do not then go and check on the evidence, but present the words of another as evidence. Written words are not evidence. Mr Obama is not a Freemason. You can verify this by checking the Grand Lodge records in the jurisdiction in which he lived. If you really want to find out if Mr. Obama was pushed and who by, follow the money. Find out where the $675Million that paid for his campaign came from. Find out who organized the fund raising. Find out what other things and groups they are involved with and look at the clubbs they belonged to at college. I will give you a clue, then investigate, I mean actually investigate, not just believe the assertions made by others and particularly not people in this group. Here is your clue > Go and find out why George Soros is persona non grata in Malaysia.
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