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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Enlilson
Post Content
most freemasons have never seen or read a real freemason bible.

the assumption that freemasons posses bible of their own is proved to be a myth!!!

there is no such thing as that.... B.H. Obama is a 32nd degree prince hall mason!
 Quoting: walrus 599125

I challenge you to provide one statement from the Grand lodge of Illinois Prince Hall Masons that says he is a member of any body of Masonry.

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois
Office of the Grand Secretary
809 East 42nd Place
Chicago, Illinois 60653
(773) 373-2725

Right up here is the phone number I dare, no I demand that you call and ask them or are you just another poster here that would rather continue a lie because you too lazy to find the truth. Either way you get what you deserve and I can see so far you have a nice helpin of fear on your plate to go along with that gut full of it.

As far as the bible goes there is a particular publisher that does make a book that is published by the A. J. Holman Company and it is known by the Coumpas and Square on the front of it which shows me once again that this poster does not know WTF they are talkin about and is that a surprise
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