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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle alexisdaughter@xanga
Post Content
Obama is the great great grandson of Czar Nicholas Ii and Alexandria of Russia. Check under Linda joy adams for various postings as to how this happened. The Romanovs lived. I am Alexis daughter; he raised me. He married Florence Hunt, cousin to the oilmen. Dick Cheney is a Hunt and Florence's cousin was his mother. Dickey was her first husband's name. Obama is the descendant of Olga Romanov. Contact me at lindajadams@yahoo.com for more details or check the blogs. I am asking for prayers for obama and the nation. I have been trying to find copies of the executive orders he has signed. They are not on the White house web site yet. Does anyone have them? The importance can be in one phrase or sentence. Obama may never carry out some of the powers he has executed, but watch out for the next person who becomes President and does assert the powers granted. Anyone can be saved, or have a change of heart. Most of the Romanov family has had very little contact with him.In this last election I was related to both sides, and had promised my support to McCain. Pallin is also in the family, but through Maria, who was closer to our family. Cindy McCain is Florence's niece. Florence, the mother that raised me was a good woman, and a person of great Christian faith. They were not in a lodge.
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