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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Tyler
Post Content
There is no Freemason Bible! There is a book which is considered like a Bible because of it's insight into science and extrapalation of the Judeo belief system which is supposedly graphed partialy from the Kabala. In fact some believe that some of the actual mysticism incantation, as well as higher demsional thought about the world is talked about in Morals and Dogma, but you can pick it up and any old book store. The book was released in later years and was made by a 33 degree mason... I'm forgetting his name but look up morals and dogama and you will find him. As for wheather Obama is a Freemason I have no idea factualy, but I could definately see it. Here is something to think about though there has only been two sucessful assinations in U.S history with presidents Lincon and Kennedy who were both not Freemasons.
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