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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Weather Obama is a Free Mason or not, what we need to realise is that the Bible has so intelligently revealed the place of America in the world and especially it's role as being that of the "Image of the Beast", the Beast being of course "Rome" and the "Papacy". Whether Obama is one of the agents in this circus remains to be seen but the Bible says that what will happen in the end days, is that the Image (America) will bring about a change in the law so that it will make every person on earth worship the beast. So we see that America will be the vehicle for the delivery of this "hidden" agenda. This will happen by taking away the liberty of every human being by changing legistation. If anyone remembers, the Pope was in America Spring gone and I know someone who was present in these meetings. The agenda was for world peace, alleviation of poverty, finding a solution to global warming etc. They talked about introducing a One world religion(Free masonry) and national(counterfeit) day of worship i.e. Sunday. Now every christian knows that according to the Bible, which is the standard for everyone who professes to be Christian, Saturday is the Sabbath, the rightful day of rest (Exodus 20:8). The Bible says anyone to refuses to bow to the "beast" will be put to death and will not be able to "buy to sell" unless they have the mark of the beast.

The current economic situation sets the perfect scene for this to come about. The goverments have bailed the banks out and so have more say in what the banks do. The new World order is on the way. If Obama, being the President of the most Powerful Nation in the world is a Free Mason, it means that he is in a good Place to move this Agenda Forward. We all know that Free masonry in a Occult and ultimately from the devil and through it, we see in a much more clear way the culmination of that Great Controversy between the Forces of Good and the Forces of Evil. The God of Heaven and the Price of Darkness. Jehovah God and Satan. The whole world is ran by Freemans with Satan behind them. Freemasory offers worldly power, riches and temporary happiness. The agenda is to turn this world into a haven of peace and wealth and health. But God tells us we are just but by-passers in this world, headed for heaven. So as much as we celebrate the election of the first Black president for America, and all he promises the Americans and indeed the whole world, lets look at the bigger picture. Lets think about how it will affect us in the longer term and how indeed how it affects out eternal lives. We need to go to the Bible where the greatest conspiracy is recorded. A conspiracy of one to tried to take the place of the great God of heaven but was thrown down here to earth were he has been actively involved in misleading the human race and painting a bad picture of the Loving God. This villain is the one behind Freemasory, Papacy, wars, death and all that is bad. But the bible says when the world thinks that there is peace, sudden destruction will strike. The Current world state of affairs are pointing to the fact that is world is coming to the end. History is coming to a close. Jesus is coming back very soon. If you a free mason, give you life back to the God of Heaven, he is Merciful and will forgive no matter how far you have gotten yourself into occultism. For those to do not believe in God, there is no security in anything else in the world, not even money, as many have found out in the econmic melt down. Please do not be complacent. Do not be lost.
God bless.
 Quoting: christian 306018

Amen, Amen, Amen....God Bless You Bro.....JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY way...we ALL need to fall at His feet and repent or we will perish.
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