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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle 32nd degree Mason
Post Content
I am a 32nd degree mason. You conspiracy theorists should know how much entertainment you provide for many of us in the craft. I for one find you very entertaining, talking as if you know what your talking about when you clearly have no idea, none at all....you would know more about growing tomatos (tomatoes for some of you) on the surface of Mars. Do you really think you know what is taught to us Masons? Do you really think it likely that for 32 degrees we are taught how to be better, more loving, more dependable people, then succumb to some mind removing and hatefull machine if we become a 33rd degree? Do you believe you can fly? Freemasonry is charged with making good men better, we don't try to make bad men good. Knowledge is revealed to those, through their own efforts, who are WORTHY and ready for it. We listen to the wisdom of many different religions. The teachings of Jesus are present, as well as others. It is sooo ironic and stupid for you people to throw around quotes from Jesus but not live them. Jesus tried to enlighten us as to our true reflection of the light natures, while so many people on this forum are clearly lost in the dark and pride themselves on trying to be mean. If you are wandering around in the dark, trying to appear you know something about something you clearly don't, you are lost. Maybe you could read a book or something and maybe you will learn some truth?.... or maybe you can continue to entertain me.
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