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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Obama good or Bad?
Post Content
I agree with the last post, why do you people attempt to define exactly what is in the black box you cannot see into? If you are not a mason how would you know what it is really about. You just look stupid trying to reason with compeltely inaccurate and unreliable information.

So, if I am correct, you conspiracy theorists are saying that Obama has spent his life, his LIFE, in public service, ACTUALLY TRYING TO SERVE THE PUBLIC, so what you are saying that this all is part of the illuminati plan for him to win the presidency so he can continue to try to improve this world, for what,just so he can lure us into a false sense of trust that he is actually trying to do good, all so that someday, someday he can play a part in implanting the thetans into your body for mind control? Was this planned since birth or before his birth, because one would have to be VERY sure that the one shot they are going to get to ruin the world some 40-50 years down the road would be worth all the efforts he has been making to improve the world for those around him, like what he says in his books and stuff, this elaborate cover for this satan must be one elaborate plan to be worth all that effort if it is, as you say, just a ruse to fool you people who obviously can't be fooled. I mean if the pope didn't say it, then it can't be true, the pope cannot be wrong, it says so in church doctrine, and the church has never been wrong about any knowledge, you know like, the earth being flat, the center of the universe, medicine, and you know how the church, which was chosen to recieve the wisdom of the jelous god somehow clashes with what Jesus taugh us...hmmmm how is that possible. Oh, to follow your reasoning, then Jesus must be wrong and the church right.. OK, now you've convinced me. God is a jealous god, and doesn't want us to love each other and be happy, he just wants us to create situations where priests and little boys can enjoy each other, and if you have an idea, the church can and should kill you or torture you, unless you gave them money by buying an indulgence....yup, your God's and the church's actions speak the truth. They are obviously the ones who have proven themselves throughout history as the ones who know the truth, nevermind they had to kill millions to do your god's work. Your religion seems to be about churchianity rather than christianity. You have a religion that ONLY TALKS ABOUT Jesus, and does not LIVE the life and teachings OF Jesus as actions. Talk is cheap and so are you.

My God, My Jesus, told me personally that I am to love and be a good person, evidenced by my own thoughts, my own actions, not because I can condemn people for not being as "Christian" as I am. This was an interesting exercise in what it is like to try to explain to a stupid person by giving examples of how untrustworthy your sources are. I know I have failed and could never convince you the world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe, because that is what your church says, and they have always been right. Your right, your wolrd is flat.

I am more Christian than you, so NYAH!
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