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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Corrupt Freemasons
Post Content
In South Korea, US government civilians, US contractors and US military all have a good population of Freemasons. The higher they get the more corrupt they get. It's great to have a "mens club" but when you bring that into the work place and promote your under qualified 'brothers' over more qualified individuals it's wrong. Most of the 33rd degree Freemasons I know are seriously corrupt liers, double talkers or just plain lazy. They lie so much that they actually believe their lies. Then they get one of their underlings to back up their lies. I've met a lot of good Freemasons as well. They're not corrupt and don't use the Freemason to advance themselves or their 'brother' just because they're freemasons (the way it should be). I also know another 33rd degree freemason and a grandmaster who got out because of the corruptness. Freemasons might be good in the states but here in S.Korea it seems like there isn't a real oversight to see how corrupt things are. I know a 33rd degree freemason who has personnaly ruined 4 peoples lives and their families lives because of the bold face lies this freemason and his underling made up. To me, and a lot of other non-freemasons, ex-33rd degree and grand master freemasons (independent people) the freemasons will always be a lieing, corrupt, cult of an organization. Whenever I see a freemason symbol on somebodys car or desk, I think they are brainwashed and possibly corrupt. That's what the freemasons accomplished in my life and many others.
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