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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Ha hah hah
Post Content
>>>What's the Zion of the 33rd degree thing? And why does it mean the Illuminati cannot control his actions??

I think that anyone can get a 32nd degree, but you have to go across the continent to become a 33rd degree mason. I doubt if there are many of those.

Supposedly, the Masons are a front for devious actions, but you don't have privy to the upper echelons until you're a 33rd degree mason.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 355816

What devious actions? You who are too scared to leave your house without weapons should tell us...what devious actions?

What is the goal, the master plan? You haven't yet told us what that is.

Supposedly? what the F is that? Supposedly... what, are you like 5? Time to pull your head out and give some answers.

You truly are an anonymous coward. Afraid the conspiracies are gonna get you? Guess what, they already have. We have your soul. When the new world order comes, you are going to mow my lawn and wash my car. MoooHhhhhhooooAHHHAhhhhhh!

There must be thousands of 33rds, since the people who know all these evil ones know that many. In Australia, there are only 2. Yes TWO. And they are not rich, and don't own everything...unless they shapeshift.

I notice you only suppose stuff. It's true, you do know more about growing tomatos on the moon than you know about masonry.

Duh, u ah heard that drinking water over long periods of time causes death.

Next idiot, "Huh huh I heard that too, it is in writing on the internet in many places so it must be true"

3rd idiot, "Yeah, too bad we're too stupid to ask a doctor because then we couldn't act smart to each other anymore when there is somone who knows more than us around, duhuhhh"

So answer the question, what is Freemasonry's big plan? And if they have had this big plan and are soooo powerfull, why haven't they accomoplished it yet? Hummmmmmmmm?

4rth idiot" We hate freemasons, we hate people that are not like us, we ESPECIALLY hate smart people!!"
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