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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sounds like someone got passed up for a promotion.

Your showing you are an idiot suggesting one must be a "grandmaster" to be a 33rd degree.

Few will listen,
Of the few who listen, fewer still will understand,
Understanding does not mean believe,
Of the handful who believe, most may not know what to do,
Those who even know, how many will actually do ?
And the rare ones who have done it.......
Need not listen to you anymore

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.
 Quoting: got passed up for promotion? 719027

haha, thanks for the laugh! Yes, someone did get passed up for a promotion but it wasn't me. No freemason can hold me down. I just observed it through friends. I've been offered to join the cult many times because of the things I can do but I declined. You see, I'm independant. I don't have to depend on anyone or any club to take care of me to get further in life. You should try it. It's far more rewarding. I'm content with my life and what I can do. You're showing that YOU are an idiot when you say I suggested one must be a grandmaster to be a 33rd degree. Although I'm not savy on the rankings I seperated the two. You must be a freemason hahaha in the FOOLS 'R' US CLUB! Freemasons must be seriously evil because the majority of freemasons I personnally know are ignorant. Thanks for the quote haha So is it right for a 33rd degree freemason to own not 1, not 2 but THREE whore houses where he imports troubled women from 3rd world nations? Way to go freemasons! haha A club is a club and I have nothing against that. It's when freemasons or anyother cult ruin peoples lives in the name of freemasons.. that's the problem. It's when they bring their beliefs into the workplace, that's the problem. It's when they interfer with honest working men and womens lives. Like I said before (you CAN read and understand what you're reading can't you?) I know a few honest good freemasons. My hate is towards the ignorant, corrupt freemasons like yourself. Have a nice day and keep being a follower!!!

"My wisdom is limited to awareness of my own ignorance"
-Socrates hahaha
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