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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle and??? what?
Post Content
Funny that if anyone disagrees with one of your half brained rants, you accuse them of being a freemason. Look a Witch!!, A communist!! A non red neck dumb fuck!!
I am not a freemason but have done my research. You say you have been invited to join. Any freemason knows they are FORBIDDEN to invite people, people must join of their own free will BECAUSE much of Freemasonry is about masonic labor which often takes the form of doing the work to improve oneself. Freemasonry says ,"We Make Good Men Better, We Don't Try To Make Bad Men Good." You are clearly in the latter catagory, so I don't think any mason believes you when you say you have been begged to join. Do you know how stupid you would look to people who actually try to be good people, who actually research what the truth really is rather than spew hatred? You are not Mason material.

So you still haven't answered the question of what you think Freemasons are trying to do to take over the world...

What is their plan? All you have done is say I have heard of one who did this, I've heard of one who did that.

I read some of your other posts which state you believe aliens are among us controlling people....Since you believe that there is no point in further talking at you.

You call yourself a born again christian. Is it crist like to spend your time spewing hate on the internet? Think not. Is it crist like to be so fearfull and paranoid that you won't leave your house without weapons...think not. DO you spend anytime doing what Christ said to do which was to first try to be a good person, then help others...again,..you don't.

So you MAY call yourself a Christian, but are you....NO!

Your actions define who you are. Now for the mind control part (which works on people like you with weak minds)

Tonight, and everynight when you go to sleep, and the first ting you will think of when you wake up is "Is that asshole on the internet right about me?? Am I really a worthless sack who is wasting oxygen? Do I lack the strength to try to improve myself, actually BE a Christian, or not?"

Prove me wrong, do some real research before you open your pie hole, actually spend 1% of the energy you spend on hate on love, doing what Christ said you should.

I dare you, I double dog dare, no, I tripple dog dare you to attempt to better yourself, to even try to be a nice person, who says and does things that can be respected, rather than laught at. Do you have the guts to not be your namesake???

I think not.
 Quoting: and?? 719027

Who are you talking about? I assure you, freemasons in S.Korea ask people to think about joining their cult. Seriously, you have no idea what's going on in the real world here in S.Korea and I'm sorry, you can't research that on the internet hahaha. If you think freemasons or anyother organization is perfect and follows their 'word' you are sadly, sadly nieve. Maybe it's different from your town but I garuntee you that they are a corrupt bunch over here (and a few honest, good men as well as I mentioned earlier). It's been that way for years and most freemasons here in S.Korea will tell you the same. That's what I mean by "corrupt freemasons". This is my 3rd post so far... so that must be your cousin who's talking about aliens haha someone in your bloodline! haha I'm surprised you're not a freemason but you try to act like one backed by internet research....HAHAHAHA I'm sure you make the freemasons proud! I never said they're taking over the world... I said, no freemason can hold ME down. Freemasons taking over the world...hahahahaha So they must be a part of Zeigeist hahahaha You clowns trip me out! Stop smoking that sh!t!

I never called myself a Christian either, because I'm not. Why would I WANT to be a christian??? hahaha You act like that's the only true belief out there. Ahh junior... your small mind is dissapointing. Although the bible is a great moral base for lost souls, poeple who can't find their OWN way to enlightenment, it's nothing but "The Greatest STORY Ever Told", key word, STORY. I believe in a higher power within everyone, some people need christianity to bring it out... it's like an old man who needs viagra to have sex hahaha Try having your OWN relationship with this being you call GOD. Try developing your own path. I don't hate christians, my mother is probably the biggest one I know... the type that thinks I'm going to hell because I don't believe in her god. Are you like that too?

YOU call yourself a good christian??? HAHAHAHA I guess god is making YOU type all that hatred as well haha He needs you to defend him right? My higher power is untouchable. I need not say more about that.

OOOOOOOOOH!!! Not the TRIPLE DOG DARE!! hahaha I give you the same challenge, try to better yourself by experiencing life instead of being the internet freemason wannabe/christian/thug hahaha. I've proven my selfless service by volunteering my life to help protect our country for over 16 years through the US Army. Now that I'm retired I continue to support our troops by working with them overseas side by side. I've thrown morale and welfare parties for the young troops here that miss their families and I also provide Memorial Day and 4th of July BBQ's, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners to single soliders that miss their families. I lend out my jetski's and speed boat to help provide more entertainment for the single soliders at the summer beach blast parties. I help organize ski trips to Japan during the winter for soliders. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Management and I'm working on my MBA. I've been promoted 4 times in the last 6 years. I have a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful kids. I own 3 houses, one in NOVA, one in NC and one here in S.Korea... even though I'm losing money on the NOVA and NC house. The council of deliberation orient of korea saw the things I've done and asked me if I ever thought about joining the freemasons. To me, that's the same as asking me to join.. no matter how you look at it. Not just once either, many times. I've been invited and attended their "off the clock" get togethers, their way of trying to encourage me to join.

Forget the double, triple dog dares.. (lets leave that for my kids) I challenge you to push yourself half as much as I did and get results. I don't come from a wealthy family. My father was enlisted in the military and his father was poor with 12 kids. It's wonderful when you start thinking for yourself, acting on YOUR own beliefs. You get true, real results.

Take this all to heart if you were talking to me to begin with. If not, still take this all to heart. Go to sleep and think about how you can better your life and others.

Have a Nice Day!
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