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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle DSM4 Narcissist
Post Content
Uh, Dude, that last post was for Anonymous Coward.

Why did you think it was for you, it had NOTHING in it that related to your posts.

The alien thing should have been a clue who it was for.

I do not doubt that there are corrupt masons. There have been many corrupt Popes. There are over 80,000 masons in california right now. Some are bound to be bad apples. As to the Masons where you are soliciting for membership, they may belong to what is known as an irregular lodge, which is one who used to have a charter from the head honchos but had it revoked for not following rules like soliciting membership, or getting politically involved or such. There are many lodges that are no longer recognized by the legitimate freemasons. P2 in Rome is a perfect example.

As much as you would like to be the one talked to, the post was meant for the alien believer who much more entertaining and much stupider than you. Nothing you said seemed unbelievable, and what you said also sounded like personal experience, which, I cannot discredit, so there.

Kudos to you for haveing served. We in the states owe people like you a debt of gratitude for your sacrifice.
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