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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle marymieres
Post Content
All of you are dumb as hell!!! There is not a masonic bible its the same as all other bibles but at the beginning it tell of the steps of masonry. 2cd As long as you were born a free man you can be a 32cd degree mason and at a 33rd there is nobody controlling your actions.Do your research or become one before you start to talk about something you don't know.

See, he has researched, learned, and told to truth. Good for you Anonymous! Idol1
 Quoting: Yup 722120

ANY SECRET SOCIETY is from the PIT OF HELL.. there.. research done.. and over.
the truth has been established.. JESUS never did anything in secret.. he OPENLY taught and is OPEN TODAY.. REPENT and BELIEVE .. not in freemasonry.. but IN HIM..

Our government and all but two presidents were masons..
they ALL ARE CONTROLLED>. Obama is no more doing his promises and yes he is a PUPPET ON A STRING.. he couldn't do one thing he wanted to.. and now.. all he wants is to OBEY the wishes of the illuminati.. freemasons.. and Bildeberg Group.

NWO.. on the horizon.. Republicans and Democrats.. ALL THE SAME..
We need a revolution and to oust the idiots steering us down disaster.

every time his lips move.. there is a LIE coming out.
Don't fall for it people..
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