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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle newb
Post Content
a major thing about freemasonry, if very many masons realize it or not,

is that christian, as well as most religions in general that worship a charity based deity like jesus and the others that have similar characteristics, have a certain type of morality, specifically that they consider what is good and is bad based on what is charitable and just in the sense of material equality, you basic american christian sense of right and wrong,

on the other hand freemasonic ritual is designed to institute a drastically different type of morality, good and evil = strong and weak - this is actually more of a Nietzsche idea/quote as especially expressed by leo struass, but still gets the point across in a simple way, it is a little more sophisticated.

The true word of masonry is audacity, not literally, i do not know, usually names of deities - but, it is easily one of the most significantly emphasized words in morals and dogma.

really, most of freemasonic philosophy reads like a massive hybrid of hypnosis type self-help books/seminars, to build confidence and success, the whole religion of freemasonry as a mythological-moral stance that provides the foundation for a confident, charismatic, leader-type personality. although many masons never actually acheive these goals.

"if the intiate can prefect the great work he will have acheived eternal gold in the undeground stream"

anyone familiar with jungian type psychology should get this.
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