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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle joeskeezy
Post Content
This is so silly, as "Truth" posted. It is sadly amusing to see such ignorance regarding Freemasonry. There is NO such thing as the Illuminati. It did exist hundreds of years ago, I think 15th century, but fizzled. Most importantly it never had ties to Freemasonry.

African-Americans may join Price Hall Freemasonry or choose to joing either of the other two in our country Free and Accepted Masons or Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, depending on the state they reside in. There is no Zion or controlling authority if someone recieves the 33rd degree, so I don't know where that one came from. Nor does it make anyone a Grand Master of anything.

Freemasonry doesn't promote any particular diety, it is not a religeon. And lastly, politics are not discussed. Oh, Neither Bush is a Freemason for those conspiracy folks out there. In fact not that many of our presidents have been Freemasons, less than one third. But what is so bad if they were? It's an organization build on Faith, Hope, and Charity. Don't believe all you read on the Net. Contact a Masonic lodge and ask questions for yourself.
 Quoting: GC 380372

Freemasons are always the ones lying to cover up their master conspiricy. They're never going to admit to their plot because it is against their vows to do so. Freemasonry is the evil of the world and is fit to control the world and keep ordinary people from achieving success while their counterpartners take up all of the positions that count..money that is. Their plot is to control the entire population of the world and to keep people in the dark. The entire roman calender is a dragnet of pagan worship as is freemasonry. Those who follow the works of freemasonry will be guilty before the true god and receive the judgement pending upon all dishonorable works. It is only a way of getting ahead in this world but in the next they shall perish. The first shall be last and last shall be the first. They gain their strength and power through the sacrifice of souls and by sacrificing the lives of so many that they destroy. It is helpful to only those who submit to its agenda, and so is Satan. And that's my take on freemasonry.
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