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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle JJ Whipple
Post Content
Here's a solution that will please everyone

If you suspect President Obama is a freemason (or has received the honorary 33rd degree). If you believe he received the 33rd in Illinois you can contact the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of freemasonry. If you believe he received it in Washington, you may contact the Southern jurisdiction. I obtained all this information from speaking with people at local lodges, wikipedia and trips to Washington to "find out the facts".. Contrary to popular belief there is no degree more prestigious than that of Master Mason (in the blue lodge). Any freemason (1-3 or any appendant body Mason <Scottish or York> will have their name on record and their level of participation as a matter of business. From what I've heard their names are also placed in the regions masonic newsletter.

The 1st-32nd (and the honorary 33rd if a Mason is ever lucky enough to get it it's obtained from service to freemasonry and the community)is what is called an "appendant body" of freemasonry. This is considered in addition to degrees 1-3 but are in no way above or superior.

Unfortunately there are way to many "conspiracy theories" regarding a great many things. Politics, Religion, Healthcare, Diseases, Drugs (legal and illicit). I suppose that some people want something to believe in or are afraid of what they don't know so brand (whatever) as wicked or evil and since they know little about something, their imaginations run wild. Through my own research I've learned more but I can't continue typing forever (I have spastic cerebral palsy and my hands are starting to hurt).

If anyone would want to contact me further please feel free, my email is jj.whipple@yahoo.com, I'm also on Facebook- JJ Whipple (Tonawanda,NY)

If it seems like I'm incredibly knowledgeable about freemasonry, I'm not. I've done what some my age (almost 30) would consider exhaustive research (I love search engines, they're so helpful)on Freemasonry, the history and development of our country and limited research on politics. I apologize to everyone if I seem long winded, I'm Autistic and don't get many opportunities to speak on things I've learned because people consider me boring or don't ask about something I know.

Thank you and happy new year!

J.J. Whipple moshpit
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