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Message Subject ~~ Obama 32nd degree Freemason ~~
Poster Handle Katrina
Post Content
I met a man over the summer who was a High Wizard of Satan for 25 years. After he was saved my a Miraculous Medal he had begun his ministry to tell his story and let others know about Satan and his influence on us today. During his story the Illuminati came up as well as the NWO. During this he mentioned meeting Mr. Obama, 20 years ago. It was at a conference they hold in Chicago every year, sometime around Halloween. A man had told him that Mr. Obama would become President one day. Right now he is being "groomed". He also stated recently that Mr. Obama is a 32 degree Mason. For anyone to think these things do not go on, to me, that is very nieve. Being nieve will not keep us safe any longer. The man I am talking about is Zachary King and he forever changed my life. Satan is very real. Our government is definately involved with Satan and I truely feel that this is the year it begins to unfold. I am afraid of what Obama is doing; however, this life eventually ceases. After we die, that is eternity.
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